Cereals High In Iron List

Cereals High in Iron List:

Corn Flakes - The corn flakes sold in food centers are high in iron content. Serving one cup pf corn flakes is sufficient to provide 47 percent of the daily iron requirement.

Barley - In one cup serving size or 157 g of barley, the mount of iron content is 2.1 mg, which is about 12 percent of the daily requirement.

Quinoa - Not actually a cereal, but considered as a false cereal, quinoa is also a rich source of iron, calcium and complete amino acids.

Bran Flakes - Consuming 1 cup of bran flakes is sufficient for providing 11 mg of iron.

Millet - When compared to finger millets, the pearl millets contain more iron, i.e. about 8 mg per 100 g serving size.

Sorghum - Another in the list of cereals high in iron is sorghum. Consuming 100 g of sorghum yields approximately 4.2 mg iron.

Wheat - Wheat germ, cream of wheat and wheat flakes are very rich in iron mineral. Serving 2 tablespoons of wheat germ yields as much as 1.2 mg iron.

Oat - Consuming one packet of ready to eat oatmeal is similar to providing 6.3 mg of iron.

For breakfast:

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